似不像(Chimerik)團隊成立於2011 年,以傳說中的生物,似不像"Chimera",為命名靈感,傳達 創作團隊「跨界、混種」的特質。似不像團隊的創作以不設限的開放精神,從串聯數位科技與藝文表演為出發點,結合團員在各領域的專長,相互激盪,透過巧妙整 合並發揮各類創作媒介之特性,打造令人耳目一新的藝術語彙。

Chimerik  is an interdisciplinary collective that seeks to converge visual arts, cinema, new media, music, sound art, dance, movements, design and technology into new languages that can weave through art, design, performance, research and the commercial world.

The idea of the collective started in 2009, while Sammy and Shang-Han Chien (Vancouver based film, visual, new media and sound artist) were intensively involved in the interdisciplinary collaboration and new media realm with Dr. Henry Daniel (Vancouver) & Troika Ranch (NYC/Berlin), an image of 四不像 (chimera) had appeared in Shang-Han Chien’s head– an abstract creature in the chinese folklore where consisted by various parts of the animal, a kind of sacred, spiritual yet demonic symbol that in a way embraces metaphors for multiplicities and creative possibilities. Since then, they continue their deep interest in interdisciplinary collaborations and forge deep connections within images, sound and movements. Both of their work has appeared in various films, music, media and dance events/festivals in Canada, Taiwan, India & Germany. In 2011, the collective emerged more transparently after Victor Lin (a multimedia designer, computer programmer and photographer who’s done websites and interactive design for companies and organizations such as Johnny Walker, Mercedes Benz and Taiwan National Theater Concert Hall) had joined the team. They continually to embark various performances, films, installations, event and festivals.

Chimerik’s founders are Sammy Chien, Shang-Han Chien & Viktor Lin. It’s associate members thus far includes Felicia Lau & Erika Mitsuhashi (Dance/Movement/Choreography), Stan Chang (3D modeling/Graphics) Webb Hsu (Computer Engineer/Interface Design) and Vikter Pan (Administrator/Manager).

Their recent activities includes Taipei World Design Expo 2011, Kollide 對撞, Ganban night: Erol Alkan, Becoming-Chimera夢獸