Chimerik似不像 is an interdisciplinary collective that seeks to explore the permeable boundaries between various art forms and disciplines in order to constitute new entities. They have collaborated visually, sonically and conceptually in numerous multi-disciplinary and research projects which have exhibited across Canada, Western Europe, and Asia including Centre Pompidou (Paris), Museum of Contemporary Arts Taipei, National Centre for the Performing Arts (Beijing),  Hellerau: European Centre for the Arts Dresden, as well as in dance, film, music and digital arts festivals including Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad, World Design Expo 2011, Digital Arts Festival of Taipei 2012, Lacking Sound Festival 2013, New Form Festival 2014, ISEA2015, Digital Carnival 2016 & TPAM 2017. Chimerik似不像 has worked with influential corporations such as NIKE, Microsoft and Google in live visuals/projection design and interactive video installations while engages various marginalized community groups for social change.

Sammy Chien is the Co-Founder/Artistic Director of Chimerik似不像 collective which have participated and created large scale new media performance projects in Asia including the official opening show for Taichung Light Festival with more than 30,000 audiences and over 19 shows in the outdoor historical site with projection mapping on balloons and water-stage on a lake. Sammy is also the official selected mentor of Isadora and have completed two intensive one-on-one mentorship with the creator of the software, and have done new media/audiovisual tech from small independent theatre to large corporations such as Google. After studying with the Canadian-pioneer of computer music Barry Truax, his sound work with Chia Wei Hsu has been exhibited in major international museums such as Reina Sofia National Museum (Madrid) and Centre Georges Pompidou(Paris). His deep interest in dance has also miraculously lead him to dance on stage with dancers from companies such as Wen Wei Dance and Compagnie Marie Chouinard. In 2013, Sammy completed a deep collaboration and major production with the Beijing Modern Dance Company to premiere a new work for the 100th Anniversary of Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring 十月春之祭 at the National Centre for the Performing Arts of China 國家大劇院 with a 3 weeks research travel and 2 month residency and production, working with artists such as Wong Kar Wai’s 王家衛 Cinematographer Christopher Doyle 杜可風, Zhang Yimou’s 張藝謀production designer Gao Guangjian 高廣健, the Father of Rock in China Cui Jian 崔健and having lunch with Ai Wei Wei 艾未未. In 2015, Sammy was commissioned as the media artist/researcher for Migrant Bodies Project: two-year international research project supported by the Culture Programme of European Union to investigate on the context of migration through the lens of contemporary arts, presented in Operaestate Festival Veneto 2015 in Italy. In late 2016, Sammy has just completed touring major cities in Canada with the piece Made In China, a co-creation interdisciplinary work with Wen Wei Dance, a 3 year development project integrating both sound, video, new media technology and movement with personal memories and socio-political and intercultural context. Sammy has recently co-received the New Chapter grant, one of the largest funding in the history from Canada Council for the Arts, the project runs ’til mid 2019. Sammy also received Research and Creation grant from Canada Council for the Arts under the Dance sector, to continue an ongoing research solo project W(e)aves, which featured as work-in-progress in Experimental Ink at MOA (Museum of Anthropology), as a featured performance for Vancouver Art Gallery’s Auction 2018, residency showing at Centre A and Pretty Good Not Bad Festival 2018 (Victoria), the work will continue through 2018. Sammy recently completed an artist-in-residency at the El Graner (Centre For Creation of the Body and Movement) in Barcelona, planning a 2 year project with El Graner, Mira Festival (Barcelona) and Fly Global (Taipei). Sammy is currently an artist of the Scaffold program; the Board Adviser for LIVE International Performance Art Biennale and Festival of Recorded Movement; the Board of Director for Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society and Core Artist Live Work Co-Operative.

Their work appearance includes Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympia, Museum of Anthropology’s Celebration of Creativity, Victoria’s Fringe Festival 2008, New Form Festival 2008, 2010 & 2014, Dancing on the Edge Festival 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011, Vancouver Art Gallery’s Fuse 2008, Vancouver New Music’s Theatre For the Ears: Audio/Visualization, SadMag Live, OCW Mag, Victoria Fringe Festival 2008, Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympia, RENCONTRES INTERNATIONALES PARIS/ BERLIN/ MADRID – New cinema and contemporary art – FILM AND VIDEO SCREENING: Reina Sofia National Museum (Madrid), Centre Pompidou(Paris), Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin), Taipei World Design Expo 2011, DOXA Film Festival 2012, Subtle Technology Festival 2012 (Toronoto), Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival 2012, Queer Arts Festival 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015, Parade of Lost Souls Festival 2012, MAISON LAURENTINE – DISCREET ART CENTRE (Aubepierre-sur-Aube, France), Digital Arts Festival of Taipei 2012, Lacking Sound Festival L27 (Taipei), Khoj International Artist Association (New Delhi), Museum of Contemporary Arts Taipei, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taichung Metropolitan Theatre, Hellerau: European Centre for the Arts Dresden (Germany), Brief Encounters 19, Influx 2013, Powell Street Festival 2013, Vancouver Biennale 2013, Pechakucha (Vancouver 2013), Dance in Vancouver Festival 2013 & 2015, Dance in Victoria Festival 2014 & 2015,  The 10th Push international Performing Arts Festival, Coin Festival 2014, Google Pulse 2014, Very Fun Park Festival 2014 (Taipei),  Taichung Light Festival 2014 & 2015, Destroy Vancouver VI, 8th International Conference of Taiwan Association of Digital Media Design (TADMD), International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA) 2015, Operaestate Festival Veneto 2015 / Migrant Bodies Symposium(Canada, Italy),  International West Coast Dance conference 2015,MOMENTUM Youth Arts Festival 2015, Sound of Dragon Festival 2016, Curious Collider in Science World, Festival of Recorded Movement 2016, TPAM Yokohama Performing Arts Meeting 2017.

The current members are: Sammy Chien, Shang-Han Chien, Andy Yueh An Lee, Nancy Lee, Andie Lloyd, Jonathan Kim, Nita Bowerman, Pia Massie, Vivi Wei Chen, Ivan So, Jake Geun Uoo Kim, Rashi Sethi, Kimia Yazdi (Past intern) and Jill Shao(Past intern).

Chimerik似不像 (加拿大/台灣)團隊是以傳說中的靈獸「四不像」為命名靈感,傳達創作團隊「跨界、混種」的特質。Chimerik似不像的創作及研究以不設限的開放精神,運用科技的輔助來更深層的滲透不同領域的界線並建構出新形體。團隊成員來自多元文化背景,也分別有實驗電影、聲響, 視覺/聲音藝術, 程式, 當代舞蹈/肢體等等不同領域。他們曾在北美, 西歐 以及亞洲參加了各種藝術節, 展覽, 表演及研究, 包括了在加拿大溫哥華2010奧林匹亞文化節, 德國海勒洛德勒斯登歐洲藝術中心, 柏林藝術空間IAC Berlin, 台北世界設計大展, ISEA 2015國際電子藝術研討會, 以及近期跟王家衛的攝影師杜可風, 張藝謀的劇場美術指導高廣建以及中國搖滾教父崔健在北京的合作。團隊的理念是商業跟藝術結合,也跟企業合作多年,例如Google, Microsoft 微軟 以及NIKE 等等。 Chimerik似不像希望能運用藝術與科技來改善社會價值觀和意識形態, 並且創造更好的環境以及滋潤人們的心靈。
Chimerik似不像的經歷包括:溫哥華2010文化奧林匹亞 影像,舞蹈及音樂表演; 2010 年入選 Vancouver New Music的 Theatre for the Ears-Audio/Visualizations 音像表演節; 2010-2011年 與加拿大20世紀前10大編舞家Karen Jamieson 合作舞蹈影像工作仿 Techno Carnegie 以及Dancing on the Edge 2011跨界舞蹈表演 Collision; 2011年八月受邀代表台灣參與2011德國海勒洛Hellerau全球第一所達克羅士學院Institut Rhythmik Hellerau e.V.建校100週年紀念音樂節RHYTHMIK 100 Hellerau即時影像設計及演出; 柏林藝術空間IAC Berlin跨界影像音樂舞蹈演出; 台北世界設計大展南港館浩氏設計Intercroxx互動媒體裝置設計展出及影像表演。2011到2012年與加拿大實驗電影先驅以及加拿大總督獎視覺與媒體藝術得獎人David Rimmer合作以及技術指導,  參與 2012 多倫多微妙科技藝術節, 圭爾夫當代舞蹈節, 西雅圖PUSH ART新媒體藝術節, 溫哥華雙年展2013 BIG IDEA中小學教師與藝術家合作教學案, Pechakucha 溫哥華演講,酷兒藝術節2013與 Cultch劇場 IGNITE青年藝術家教學/表演案Fruit Flambé的多媒體/科技/聲音指導師, 台中國家歌劇院的開幕藝術節“光舞紀”中展出了兩件大型戶外互動藝術裝置“∞波“以及”無中聲有之聽覺光景, 製作台中光影藝術節2015的開幕表演,以新媒體投影科技在水上與舞者互動,讓台中光輝的歷史喚醒重生,有數十萬人來觀看, Migrant Bodies Project, 在加拿大從事一個歐盟資助的加拿大跟歐洲三國(法國,義大利,克羅埃西亞) 的跨界肢體與文化研究案, 2015年7月在義大利Bassano Operaestate FestivalVeneto 藝術節發表互動新媒體裝置. 2015 商演的VJ/影像執行包括了W-Hotel Taipei, Wistron偉創, 富邦基金會, Google谷, 統一集團, 南山人壽, Microsoft微軟。