9th Annual Vancouver Spring Show 春绽


Queen Elizabeth Theatre

The Vancouver Spring Show is a epic yearly event produced by Vancouver’s local Chinese dance community. This year we got to work the director Lin, Chen 林辰, a Beijing based Chinese Choreographer who’s work was part of Beijing Olympic 2008.

When East meets West, contemporary meets traditional. An incredible show using China’s traditional 24 solar terms as a framework to present a night full of art and culture: Chinese poetry, historical costumes, indigenous instruments, and much more. Performed by talented artists from around the world, who deliver this amazing experience.

Producer: Cherry Tao & Shaun Cui

Director: Lin Chen

Set Designer: Wang Qi

Lighting Design: Mark Eugester

Live Visuals & Projection Design: Shang-Han Chien & Sammy Chien (Chimerik 似不像)

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after returned from England, we managed to finish another intense production at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, the Spring Show for the second time, project on 12 different types of configuration of stage design/projection surface, got to do holographic projection on such huge stage. We designed projection for over 20 pieces, both live, fixed and generative visuals, from commercial/mainstream to new media/real-time/experimental style, from super rare world class traditional Chinese theatre to contemporary lyrical dance to even some in door kite flying… 剛從英國回來,馬上又做完又一個大場的表演, 我們的新媒體/影像設計再度在伊麗莎白女王劇院呈現。 這次,我們有機會設計投影在12多種不同的舞台布幕設定上,製作了大型的浮空投影, 謝謝主辦單位還有為了呈現出好表演一起賣命的大夥們。  我們Chimerik似不像很榮幸能再次接受這麼大的挑戰,一次製作超過20多個表演段落,從後製,VJ,到即時互動,從主流到實驗,從傳統中國文化到當代表演藝術。真的不簡單。而且是一年比一年更順。 #vancouverspringshow #queenelizabeththeatre #vancouver #performance #chimerik #beijing #olympics #creativeteam #2018 #projection #design #MediaArts #contemporary #dance #theatre #VJ #interactive #media #hologram  #似不像

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