Becoming Chimera 夢獸


Nanhai Gallery 南海藝廊

Improvised Interdisciplinary Experiments 即興跨領域實驗表演 Music, Sound, Visuals, New Media, Movement and Dance 音樂X視覺X舞蹈X聲響X科技

An interdisciplinary experimental new media performance involving live visuals, live electroacoustic/experimental music, contemporary dance/movements and new media. The performers improvise with instructions of specific signs and rules that’s conducted or by aleatoric algorithm of the computer, or used by wireless controller by the audience and the director.

Man can never say: “I am a bull, a wolf.. .” But he can say: “I am to a woman what the bull is to a cow, I am to another man what the wolf is to the sheep” –Deleuze and Guattari. It’s about relation, not identification. The color red to sound is as sharp timbre to the movement of the body. Like dreams to memory, synesthesia to sensory and epiphany to temporality. Finally we are no one, but a becoming.

Becoming-Chimera is an improvised interdisciplinary-performance that involves live visuals, live electroacoustic/experimental music, soundscapes, dance/movements and new media. The performers experiment and improvise with specific dispositions and qualities either conducted or by aleatoric algorithm. It travels within the Bergsonian sense of time, and Deleuzian notion of becoming, where the creation is constantly in-flux and in process. Likes dreams, like rhizomes, they engulf deep connection between each entities and unfold new dimensions of our reality.

Why does a song, an image, a smell, a touch or a temperature can be so evocative and empowering to you? How much power, affect and contagion are embedded in these memories and sensory? And what if they can speak to each another? In the genesis of our dreams, every moment can be temporal yet perpetual. In a way, every part of memories are improvising and forming unconventional connections, like synesthesia, the boundaries are being challenged and unraveled. In our interdisciplinary collaboration, we are creating an ongoing experimental dialogue with deep intuition, creative technologies as well as phenomenology and multiplicity in order to unfold paths to the undiscovered landscapes.





(文: 孫志熙 Chinese text written by Andria Sun)


Created and organized by Chimerik (Sound/ Visuals/ Dance/New Media) 似不像 (聲音/影像/舞蹈/科技)

with guest collaborators:

Jain-Lung Lee (Movement) / 李建隆 (身體表演/舞踏)

Kang-Te Chang (Vocal) / 張康德 (人聲)

Min-Yen Terry Hsieh (Saxophone) / 謝明諺 (薩克斯風)

Shih-Yang Lee (Piano) / 李世揚(鋼琴)

Alma Lin & Jeff Lai (Experimental Film)/ 林淑雲 & 賴宗昀 (實驗錄像)

Direction/ Live Electroacoustics: Sammy Chien

Live Drawing/ Live Visuals: Shang Han Chien

Generative Live Visuals/ Programing: Viktor Lin

Dance/Movement: Felicia Lau

Butoh/Movement:  Jain-Lung Lee 李建隆

Live Piano: Shih-Yang Lee 李世揚

Live Saxophone: Min-Yen Terry Hsieh 謝明諺

Live Vocal: Kang-Te Chang 張康德

Graphics/3D Modeling: Stan Chang

Computer Programing/Controller Interface: Webb Hsu

Experimental Film: Alma Lin 林淑雲 & Jeff Lai 賴宗昀

Administration/Management: Vikter Pan

Choreographic Consultant: Erika Mitsuhashi

Costume Design: Woozy Chang 張瓊文 & Chou En Yu 周恩聿

Stage Manager: Yao-Ching Tsou 鄒耀慶

with the support of Nanhai Gallery

Special Thanks to Meta Hong

Photographed by Daidai謝岱汝

Becoming-Chimera (excerpt) from Chimerik on Vimeo.