Testone 2.2


Lacking Sound Festival失聲祭

Noisekitchen噪咖, Digital Arts Centre of Taipei

Created by Chimerik似不像

Testone 2.1 is a live audiovisual piece that was rigorously created to envelop live music and physical elements like dance/movement so as to compose a larger whole. Testone—a new media performance application that we’ve programmed using the real-time video processing software—was originally created as an audiovisual instrument that seeks to generate fully synchronized images and sound with both manual controls and software algorithm. Therefore, the computer constantly generates values that are mathematically calculated creating simple forms of permutation and quantization in layers of sound and image. The performer, then, can freely manipulate the macro scale of control such as layering, intensity and speed. The marriage of the image and sound will always vary depending on the dialogue between the person and the computer.

While Testone 2.1 is an intuitive and aleatoric audiovisual instrument, it develops its material form via audiovisuals such as live musicians, dance/movements and fog. Testone 2.1 utilizes its original Testone instrument to develop a strategically improvised performance environment. The intensity and the shape of the images influence the musicians’ and dancers’ performance choices such as sound frequencies can react and generate different colours and images accordingly. These images will become projected lights interweaving between fog and performers evoking graphic scores, interactive lighting for dancers and live audiovisual performances in a three-dimensional space. Moreover, in the 2.2 version Testone integrates live drawing in as an organic approach to contrast from the aesthetics of digital technology, yet, utilizing technology to transform it’s organic possibilities. Testone 2.2 is a piece that seeks to find a balance between control and chance in the digital, physical, aural and visual world. A dialogue between these worlds is created to accentuate the importance of the fine balance between virtuosic control and aleatoric algorithms.

Guest Dancers: LEE, Chieh-Hsin & SU, Ping-Wen

Testone 2.2

Testone 2.1是一種現場演出的視聽城市,被發明來同時涵蓋現場音樂演出與舞蹈、身體動作等身體元素進而創作出全新的作品。Testone是一種新媒體表演應用軟體程式,在程式設計時便融入了及時動態影音處理軟體。此程式最初被設計為可人工操作或軟體演算,來同步化聲音與影像。電腦持續得生產以數學計算出的數值,從而創造了聲音和影像中不同層次之間的簡單型式交疊排列和量化。如此一來,表演者就能夠自由地控制宏觀層面,例如交疊,强度和速度。影像和聲音的結合總是隨著人與電腦之間的關係而改變。然而Testone 2.1是一種直覺式、在音樂上較為即興任意的視聽工具程式,它透過如現場表現的音樂家、舞蹈/動作、霧團等視聽資源進行資料生成。Testone 2.1利用上述原先的Testone進而創造出一個能策略性地即興表演環境。影像的形貌與強度都會影響音樂家和舞者如何選擇和表演,根據各種聲音頻率可以反應並生成不同的顏色與影像。這些影像會投射出光線交織輝映於演出者與霧之間,藉此為在三度空間中的舞者和現場視聽演出提供音樂圖像記號與互動式照明。更有甚者,Testone 2.2版本整合現場即席繪畫功能,和數位科技美學相較而言,這是一種有機的方式,但回過頭來卻又利用了科技轉化現場即席繪畫的有機可能性。Testone 2.2尋求一種在數位與生理、聽覺與視覺之間控制抑或偶然的平衡。在這兩者之間的對話特別著重在尋找出藝術專業者的控制與音樂即興規則系統之間的平衡。特邀舞者:李潔欣 & 蘇品文


Sammy Chien (Chimerik) would like to acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $157 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.Sammy Chien (Chimerik) remercie le Conseil des arts du Canada de son soutien. L’an dernier, le Conseil a investi 157 millions de dollars pour mettre de l’art dans la vie des Canadiennes et des Canadiens de tout le pays.